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  • Mike Treanor

    Mike Treanor

    Mike is a software developer, chemist, motivational speaker, parent, and musician who writes about creativity and human nature.

  • Ruta A Patel

    Ruta A Patel

  • Newground AI

    Newground AI

    AI, Neuroevolution, Genetic Algorithms, Synthetic Cognitive Systems

  • Valéria Bravo Maynard

    Valéria Bravo Maynard

  • Jan van Essen

    Jan van Essen

    Deep Tech · How to build the future? · Impact stories for sustainability · Rethinking the way we live · Transformative Innovations · Blockchain & Deep Learning

  • kauviya sivalingam

    kauviya sivalingam

  • Casper Abraham

    Casper Abraham

    clextra since 2002, an WFH enterprise-class cloud Platform, Digital Marketing, Western Classical Music & more …

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